The fish said: “the bread is so yummy” … and miracle, zilch!

Handmade in Ardales

according to the family

recipe since 1939



Founded in 1995 in Ardales, a village in Málaga, a village with a strong baking tradition, Piquitos Rubio stems from the effort of José Rubio, son and grandson of artisan bakers who keeps up traditional family recipes which date all the way back to 1949 in order to produce today the delicious breadsticks made following the artisan tradition with only the best raw ingredients.


The characteristic flavour, texture, smell, and toasted crisp of Piquitos Rubio has been recognised by clients and professionals of Andalucian gastronomy for years, even going so far as being chosen by the Royal Household to join the menu for the wedding ceremony of His Majesty King Felipe VI.



Everyone knows the common bread recipe: flour, water, sourdough starter, salt and yeast. Then, creativity, experience and “know-how-to” make the difference among each baker.


We come from a long baking tradition using high quality raw materials and natural sourdough starter. Before cooking in wooden ovens in our old bakery in Ardales, all our loaves get a long rise and natural fermentation in wooden furniture, aiming to achieve great smell, flavor and textures.



As part of their efforts to place quality excellence at the centre, since 1998 Piquitos Rubio has been making a wide range of organic breadsticks which holds official

certification from the Andalucian Committee for Organic Farming (CAAAE in its Spanish acronym), who guarantee the usage of organic raw ingredients in our products.


Our roots, our good work, and our keeping up of the baking tradition in Málaga has lent Piquitos Rubio the distinctive "Málaga Flavour" by which mark the highest quality foods produced in the Andalucian province

are recognised.



“Piquito” names a kind of long, thin and crunchy bread (about 14cm-5.51in) which has the same manufacturing process as the rest; however, in 1995, it was a very innovative product as they were commercially unknown because they were handmade. It was in 2007 when we started using mechanical work in the process; nowadays, we use both procedures.


Piquitos are also made wholemeal, with sesame and ecologic with spelt or wholemeal flour.


We make other sizes

(longer-shorter) responding to consumer needs and always with the same formula.




Same quality, same flavor, extra crunchy,

in a smaller size.



The ingredients’ selection is the hallmark of organic farming.  Its careful preparation makes these piquitos have a great flavor, guarantee of health and environmental benefits.







These products have a great Andalusian tradition; to make them, we start from the same recipe than piquito candeal but they require different knead time and we add sesame, creating a quite distinctive texture.



Once the dough is properly refined, it is put it in a device that rolls and divides it into the final form. Once placed in trays and these in trolleys, doughs are fermented over time at a suitable moisture and temperature for subsequent baking. They are naturally cooled and packaged on the spot to provide a well finished product.




The raw materials used in the manufacture of the piquitos are top quality; with these and treatment of the artisan’s hands, we also get these products to be top quality.


Piquitos Rubio

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